The Motivotional

The Happiest Thought Of My Life

Albert Einstein said this was the happiest thought of his life: “If a person fell from the roof of his house, he would not feel his own weight.” That thought led to him to create the theory of general relativity.

My happiest thought is: You are here to do what God prepared for you. That beautiful thought led me to create the INDIVIDULARITY process: How to find and do what God has prepared for you.

I had been thinking about something for a long time, thinking about the age old question: What am I here for? 

As a long-time believer I’m familiar with many of the standard answers: We are here for God’s glory: Here to do his will: Here to share the gospel: Here to love God and to do good. All are correct answers, all are important and none of them answer my question.  

I was searching for my reason to be here, for what God wants from me? When that happy thought came together, I realized the answer I was seeking was contained in the statement; “I’m here to do what God prepared for me.” Eph 2:10

My Great Joy:

Yes I was searching, but I wasn’t only searching for me. My dream was to find a way to help other people discover what they are here to do. That dream has come alive, and that is the foundation of the INDIVIDULARITY process. How to find and do what God prepared for you. That is why this thought made me so happy! 

The three points:  

That statement gave me three points of reference I could use to triangulate my search. Three sentences I could use to define, limit and find exactly what I am here to do. 


  1. I am here to do something specific.
  2. Everything I need has already been prepared.
  3. I was designed to do what God wants from me.         


Using The 3 Points: 

Here is an example of how I used the 3-points to define and limit the parameters of my INDIVIDULARTY (IDY) quest. 


I based the criteria for my quest to something specific that would fit what I do best, and is something I believe God wants from me. Points 1 & 3


Whatever God has prepared for me is meant to meet the needs of people. That helped form a better question; who needs what I have to offer? Points 1, 2 & 3


One passion has stayed with me all my life; to help people find and fulfill their destinies.  Now I’ve discovered that is what God wants from me, and what he’s designed, prepared and equipped me for. 3 out of 3 on this one as well.

That is a taste of how INDIVIDULARITY works

You probably noticed I’ve used myself as the example, I did that because this has become foundational in my faith and life. What I’m showing you I’m doing too. You might also notice that I haven’t scattered Bible text all over the page. There are several reasons for that.

This is not a Bible study course, this is a life discovery experience drawn from the truth and meaning in scripture. I’ll often show references, and can provide more as needed. Allow God to speak his word to you and through you, his words and ways are written on your heart

But what I hope to model is how to become a direct report to Christ in every area of your life. No one else can find what God has prepared for you. Only you can do what you are here to do. 

The General Theory Of Relativity:

Gravity is a geometric property, or characteristic of space and time. In the picture above, the curvature, or warping of space and time is directly related to the presence and effect of the two planets. (the red balls) More about General Relativity


You are here to do what God prepared for you; that’s what God wants. You are absolutely free to do what God wants, or you can do anything else with your life.   

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