The Motivotional

The Confessions of a long-time Believer

Mark Allen Schmidt

I believe in Christ, everything else must follow.


For a guy who has known and loved God all my life, I am somehow late to the party. That party is freedom and peace in Christ. In early 2023 things changed in my business, about the middle of the year, things inside me changed forever. I found the peace I’ve sought all my life.


This blog is the story of my journey into peace and the treacherous path I took to get here. I walked that path everyday with God, and ended the night with his name on my lips and Spirit in my soul, and I still failed to find what I was looking for. 


If you have any idea of what I’m describing, welcome to the MOVO. If not, thanks for stopping by. 




“It is almost impossible to overestimate the unimportance of nearly everything.” Jack Hayford.

The Story Of Possible.


Is It Possible…

  • To know and fulfil God’s plan for my life?
  • To find and engage in God’s Kingdom, now?
  • To be peaceful, joyful and fully present in the moment?
  • That God intended things / life to be the way they are?
  • That try-as-I-will, there are many things I won’t get right in life?
  • That I can be sincerely wrong and spiritually right at the same time?
  • To live a life of faithfulness to the wrong purpose while pursuing a dying dream, for God?
  • To live eternal life in real time?
  • To live for truth that is mostly a lie?
  • That God did all this so we could enjoy each other, forever?
  • To be healed and whole enough to be of some eternal worth?
  • That scripture can be corrupt and the perfect Word of God, simultaneously?
  • To simply and completely please God and do good on a daily, ongoing basis?


That’s a good start. Mark

I believe in Jesus Christ. 


I’m in my middle 60’s, I have followed and loved God all my life. (Father, Son and Spirit) 

The MOVO is the collected confessions of my life as a follower and friend of Jesus Christ.


The confessions of my failures, my fears and the brutal and honest walk of faith that I engage and enjoy every day of my life.


And, as an added bonus; I will share the details, the specifics and the real-time deployment of the INDIVIDULARITY Idea in my life.   


Welcome to the MOTOVOTIONAL 

Mark Allen Schmidt

The Individularity (IDY) Idea

God could anything and he created you. He wanted you and he needs you here, now. INDIVIDULARITY is about finding that “good-thing” you were created to do. 

The best way to find out why you’re here is to figure out what you’re here to do. When you figure out why, you’ll know what. 

Individularity looks at who who you, what you want, and how you’re gifted to help you define what you were made to do.

The Kingdom is where God get what he wants. Individularity is what God wants from you.

Everything you need has been prepared and placed in the Kingdom for you. 

Individularity will show you how to find your place in God’s Kingdom.

Your INDIVIDULARITY is worth the rest of your life to find and fulfill.  

The MOVO is the story of how I discovered what I was created to do and accomplish. And, how you can discover that for yourself.   

Comments From My Children

"My dad is the epitome of “dad”. He is hardworking, caring, supportive, and has mastered the balance between friend and parent.
Over the years he has given us all anything we’ve ever wanted but always remained humble throughout all his successes.
From pastor to writer to badass biker and playing every instrument I can name, anyone would be lucky to have my dad in their life!
He is very nice and can make a friend no matter where he goes which is a trait not many people have (except me because I got all the good qualities). Love ya pop!!"
Our Darling Daughter, Mindy
My dad is the quintessential American dad with a twist. He'll make small talk every waitor and waitress, tell them all about his kids (us, while we're in at the table with him) and forget to actually read the menu along the way. Although he fits the dad mold in that regard, you'll quickly find there's more under the surface. He has one of the most infuriatingly creative minds I've ever met. No matter what you talk to him about, he'll come up with a different way to look at it and go in a completely unexpected direction. How to hammer this nail? How to cook this steak? How to find your meaning in life? You can bet he'll have a non-standard take on any of them. At his core, I've never doubted my dad in anything he does. He is loving, honest, persistent, and as great a father as anyone could ever ask for.
Our Son, Marcus

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