The Motivotional

"Meanwhile, back at the Ranch..."

Confessions of a long-time Believer

Mark Allen Schmidt

I am the way, the truth & the life...

I believe in Christ. I believe in lots of other stuff as well but, nothing comes before Christ in my life.

I’m in my middle 60’s, I have followed and loved God all my life. Yes I believe in the Father, the Son (Christ) and in God the Holy Spirit. 

Christ is the whole package, the complete expression of the Deity. 

The MOVO is my confessions about the way, the truth and the life I have found in Christ.


Welcome to the MOTOVOTIONAL 

Mark Allen Schmidt

Comments From My Children

"My dad is the epitome of “dad”. He is hardworking, caring, supportive, and has mastered the balance between friend and parent.
Over the years he has given us all anything we’ve ever wanted but always remained humble throughout all his successes.
From pastor to writer to badass biker and playing every instrument I can name, anyone would be lucky to have my dad in their life!
He is very nice and can make a friend no matter where he goes which is a trait not many people have (except me because I got all the good qualities). Love ya pop!!"
Our Darling Daughter, Mindy
My dad is the quintessential American dad with a twist. He'll make small talk every waitor and waitress, tell them all about his kids (us, while we're in at the table with him) and forget to actually read the menu along the way. Although he fits the dad mold in that regard, you'll quickly find there's more under the surface. He has one of the most infuriatingly creative minds I've ever met. No matter what you talk to him about, he'll come up with a different way to look at it and go in a completely unexpected direction. How to hammer this nail? How to cook this steak? How to find your meaning in life? You can bet he'll have a non-standard take on any of them. At his core, I've never doubted my dad in anything he does. He is loving, honest, persistent, and as great a father as anyone could ever ask for.
Our Son, Marcus

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