The Motivotional

The Leader And The Believer

The leaders-leader sat back in his chair and looked across at the believer. “In all my years I’ve only been asked that question, to my face, by a few people. And every time I’ve drawn a blank. I don’t know how to answer for God, that’s something you need to ask him.”

The Believer

There was this believer who had faithfully and diligently followed the example and teaching of the leaders since childhood. First it was the Sunday school leaders: Next the youth group leaders: Then the college and young adult leaders. After outgrowing the last of the age-appropriate leaders the diligent believer went to the leader of the leaders with some questions.


“So nice to see you” the leader said. “How long have you been part of us?”

“Since childhood.” The believer said.

“Yes, it has been a joy watching you grow into a fine young adult. What are you planning on doing next?” The leader asked.

“I was hoping you could help me with that.”

“Oh, really!” The leader said in surprise.  Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable. Would you care for water or a soda?”

“No thank you, I’m fine.” The believer said while taking a seat in front of the big desk across from the leaders-leader.   

 “How can I be of assistance? 

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now.” The believer said.

“Are you doubting your salvation?” 

“No.” The believer said.

“Have you run into some challenges that are separating you from your faith?”

“No, actually it’s my faith that’s bringing the challenge.” The believer said.

“What is the challenge to your faith?” The leaders-leader asked.

“My faith is strong, the challenge is what am I supposed to believe for now?

The leader reached for a bottle of water, opened it and took a short sip. Then with a broad smile said, “You know God works in mysterious ways, and that he has a wonderful plan for your life. And if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans for your life.” 

Then the leaders-leader chuckled. He was used to having the congregation laugh-along in agreement when he used that line. 

The believer didn’t laugh. The leader couldn’t miss the somber look on the believers face. As he watched a tear slowly rolled down the left cheek of the believer. 

“Can I offer you a tissue?”

The believer took the tissue, wiped the tear and looked the leader in the eye. “I know God has a plan for my life. What I don’t know is what is that plan for my life? Am I supposed to wait for it to mysteriously unfold? Am I supposed to be careful not to ask questions or make any comedic attempts at forming my own plan?”

“I’m not sure what you want me to say.” The leader said.

“I’ve listened to you and the other leaders all my life. You all offered answers and assurance, you taught me the scripture and were very confident in who God is and in his faithfulness and in the hope of eternity. I believe all that, I trust God and I love God, I’m thankful for everything God has done for me. Now I need to know what God wants to do with me?”


The Leader


The leader sat back in his chair and looked across at the believer. “In all my years I’ve only been asked that question, to my face, by a few people. And every time I’ve drawn a blank. I don’t know how to answer for God, that’s something you need to ask him.”

“How did you figure out what God wanted you to do?” The believer asked.

“I’ve always wanted to do this since I was young.” 

“And obviously it’s worked for you. But I don’t want to do what you do, and I can’t find anything in your organization that God is asking me to do.”

The leaders-leader moved to the edge of the big desk and reached across for the hand of the believer. “I don’t know how to answer you, but I believe there is an answer. And I know there are many, many other believers who are looking for the same thing. When you find your answer, I hope you will help others find theirs as well.”

The believer nodded and said, “I believe that’s possible.”

“We can agree on that. Can I pray with you?” The leader asked.


The Call That Changed It All


Six months later, the believer got this call from the leader.


“Hi, this is Ed from the church calling for Kasi.”

“Uh, hi, ah, what is this regarding?” 

“Kasi, this is Ed, the pastor. You came to my office a few months ago, and we spoke about what you should do now.”

“Oh, Pastor. Pardon me I’ve never heard you use your first name…it’s always been Reverend, or Doctor, or Pastor.”

“I know, and I don’t do that anymore. Well not since we last talked.” He said. 

“Wow, that’s different. Like to hear that story some time. What can I do for you?” Kasi asked.

“You’ve already done a lot, to say the least. But this is about what you asked me, and what I’ve discovered since then. You asked me, ‘what am I supposed to believe for now,’ do you remember that?”

“I do. I’m kind of amazed that you remember.”

“I wrote it down after you left. You asked me something I didn’t know, that I should know, or at least be able to point you in the right direction.” Ed said.

“Well, you can’t know what you don’t know.” Kasi said.

“True, but you showed me something I didn’t know that I didn’t know. By the way, thank you. You know the saying about Old dogs and new tricks…” 

“Sir I would not call you old, or a dog, ever!” Kasi said.



“I did, you didn’t. Anyway, about a month or so after we talked a good friend of mine took me to lunch. He asked me about the 5 guys. I had no idea what that meant, or who they might be. That was then, this is now.” He paused for few moments. 

“The short story is these “5 Guys” are people who are gifted and passionate about helping believers find their place in the body and the Kingdom of Christ.”

“So it’s not about a burger and fries…” Kasi added.

“No, but it is a funny way of saying it. Quite memorable.” Ed said.


“I’d like to connect you with them. That is, if you’re open to the idea?” Ed said. 

“Wow! That’s a lot to take in this early in the morning. Do we need to meet again or something?” Kasi asked.


“No. This is not about me, or about where you’ve come from. This is about you and where you are going. I’m more than happy to introduce you to some believers who are frankly, all about you and what you are here to do.”

“That’s something you don’t hear many Ministers say. We usually hear, ‘it’s not about you.’”

“Well this is about you, and about what Christ made you to do. Can I make the introduction?”

“Yes, please do. And thank you Pastor Ed. And thank your friend for me. Blessings!” Kasi rang off and Ed sent her a text with the introduction.



Kasi Makes Contact With The “Guys”



Kasi sent a text to the number Pastor Ed gave her. She got this response a few minutes later: Kasi, thank you for contacting us. If you would please follow this link, we’d like to know a bit more about you and how we can possibly better serve you. Oh, and you will know who “We” are when you click the link. Blessings and grace. Your Fellow GUBE’s (Grown-Up Believers) 


At the designated time, she clicked the Zoom link: A few moments later she was face to face with three people she’d never met or seen before. 

“Hi Kasi, my name is Karen. I’ve been part of the GUBE’s for about five months.”

“Hi Karen, nice to meet you.” Kasi said.

“And, these fine gentlemen are David and Uri. I met them on my first Zoom.” Karen said.

“Hello Kasi.” David said.

“Greetings Kasi.” Uri said.


“To get started, would it be alright if I told you why I’m part of this bunch?” Karen asked.

“Sure, I’d love to know what this is all about.” Kasi said.

“The very short version is; I’m the child of missionary parents. I grew up in South Africa and came back home to the states to attend a Christian college. After I graduated I didn’t know where to go or what to do with myself. Yes, I wanted to do what God wanted but nothing I could find seemed to fit me. So I took a job in a “Ministry” for a few years, and when I couldn’t take it any longer, I left.“

“What happened after that?” Kasi asked.

“I tried to go back to my home Church, but that didn’t work. I attempted to return to South Africa, but that didn’t work either. I talked to all the spiritual leaders If could find but no one knew what I should do. I heard all the conventional stuff like..”

“I know, ‘God works in mysterious ways…God has a plan…” Kasi interjected.

“Oh, so you know the song.” Karen said.

“And all the verses.” Uri added.


They all laughed for a moment. 


“Okay, I get that part. What are you offering that’s different from every church or ‘Para-church’ organization?” Kasi asked.

“That is the magic question. Glad we could get to this point this fast.” David added. 


“To finish my story,” Karen continued, “I was introduced to this just like you on a Zoom Cold-call.”

“Strange way to sell this.” Kasi said. 

“We’re not selling anything.” Uri said. 


“Karen looked right at Kasi and said, “To answer your question; what makes us different is what we believe about you, and about ourselves. We believe everyone is here to add something wonderful to our world. And, if we don’t add that wonderful thing, it won’t happen without us. Do you believe that about yourself?”


“Do you mean do I believe I’m here for a purpose, yes I believe that.” Kasi said.

“No, just about everyone believes that. Do you believe you’re here to do something good only you can do?” David said.

“I think so. I know I’m here for a reason. Is that what you’re asking?” 

“No, once again, most people believe that. Do you believe your reason for being here is unique to you? That no one else can replace you, or contribute what you are here to do?” David said.



“I want to believe that.” Kasi said. “To be honest, I’ve always believed something like that but I haven’t been able to put it in those terms. The thing is I’ve been taught all my life that Jesus would have died for me if I was the only person on this planet. And I think he did die just for me. But I’ve always wanted to know what kind of life Christ created for me to live. And  I’m so different from everyone else?”


David, Uri and Karen grinned and nodded together.  


“Kasi he did die and now lives, there is something only you can do, and that’s why you are you.” Karen said.  

“Okay I’m gonna go with, ‘I believe that about myself.’ Can you help me figure out the details and the path to that?” Kasi asked.


“We like to call that, ‘the details of your destiny.’” Uri said.

“That’s what us “Guys” are here to do. We’re called to help you find what Christ created you to do.” David added.

“Our part is to make that happen with you.” Karen said.


“I’ve been looking for you guys for a long time. When do we start?” Kasi asked.

“We already have.” Karen added.


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