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The 5G Config…

Thank you Travis for this truth. the ARK Identity

Once You Gather, Some Assembly Is Required

First, The Gathering.

Once a month, on Sunday after service lets out, we’ll gather for lunch at a Church Facility. Those who gather can make a contribution/cover charge to the congregation to cover our use of their facility. (Location TBD)



Start-Time, Lunch-Time

A meal with other believers is probably the best and highest use of Kingdom time. By deliberately sharing a meal we will open up a pathway to the things that matter in our lives. 

And, we can choose our cuisine from the assortment of Food-Trucks or the catering de-jour that is “arranged” for our gathering by those who are gifted and willing.

[A song by David for going up to worship.] See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony!

PS 133:1 God's Word Translation

Second, The Update.


During the meal, and as the gathering saunters toward the meeting, the involved will update their status on our app. 

As the meeting starts, we will have a pretty good assessment of the new believers, the needs, the questions and the answers that are current among the gathered. 

The 5G app would be private to the individual gatherings, and proprietary to the 5G-faithful.


The 5g-EQ App

At the heart of the 5g-EQ is agreement between the believers. The app will enable interaction, ensure communication and provide expression for everyone involved. So two (or more) can walk together. Amos 3:3

Third, The Assembly.


The gathering becomes an assembly of agreement and anticipation.

This is the public worship gathering of the 5G-EQ. It is better to say 5 words that are intelligible, prophetic and significant; so everyone can be instructed and everyone encouraged.

We will pursue and desire the best gifts and the finest expressions of God’s people. 

At every assembly we will anoint and appoint people to serve in skilled and gifted ministries.

Recognize callings, Collect Resources, Release into the Kingdom. 

1 Cor 14:20-33 Model

Third, The Worship Part.


Part produced, part spontaneous, always beautiful, spiritual and truthful. Worshippers seeking God who has found them seeking him. 

 John 4:19-26


Forth: Disassemble & Resume The EQ Sessions.


Most will linger then leave. Some will begin or resume their 5G-EQ sessions. 


After attending many-many-many church services, revivals, retreats, men’s groups and many one-off mission trips; I’ve noticed that most of the equipping and prophetic-ministry occurs in the parking lots, in the lobby’s, in the cafe’s, in transit to and from the venue’s or locations. 


Why? Because that’s where believers with a common theme and dream engage and encourage each other. In the 5G-EQ config, the intention is to enable the unique ministries of those who are being equipped to do the very-things they have always wanted and attempted to do. 


The reason they haven’t is not because: 

  • The local leadership is stuck in the “Status-quo.” 
  • It isn’t because the cultural church primarily operates close-to, but easily-outside of the Kingdom. 
  • And it’s not because the people who gather are mediocre or lukewarm. 



The reason most “Grown-up” believers are estranged and even wounded by the “church-system” is because Christ of “Vintage-Incompatibility.” 

Christ has set a policy against pouring new wine in old skins; if we does (And we have) the old skin will burst and the wine and skin are a total loss Mark 2:22  (Example includes: Healing-Calling-Fasting-Resting)


But, there is no proabortion against, or problem with mixing the new wine with the old as long as a new skin is configured. 

 Eph 4:1-16


Final:, The Decanter-Culture.


A wine decanter serves a glorious purpose: allowing the host to serve the best wine, at it’s peek time to his guests and friends.

It’s all done with a flourish, by the host, for the pleasure of all,  in plain sight of the assembled.

The 5G-EQ Provides The Ambience, The Sommelier’s, The Meal, Christ provides the wine/equip-able people.  

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