The Motivotional

This is now my stage

For about 30 years I was the opening act for many, many preachers.

Confessions Of A Long-Time Worship Leader


I started playing guitar when I was 17 years old, I began what would become a career as a worship leader when I was 18. That guitar took me around the world, to many camps and retreats and eventually to Denver, CO when I ended up leading 4 weekend services at a fast-growing, community church.

Music wasn’t my plan or my passion, loving God and people filled that place in my heart. The music gave me a place to stand and lots of people who worshipped God with me. For about 30 years I was the opening act for many, many preachers. 


Then it ended. 

I was one month shy of my 50th birthday when I walked away from the best gig and job I ever had. You might be wondering why I walked? I came to the realization that the only thing I couldn’t do was what I was currently doing. (A professional Christian in a big-church)

I’ve haven’t participated in “Cultural Christianity” for 14 years but, I have been doing what Christ has asked of me. It’s possible to do both, and it’s possible to do one without the other. If you can grasp that distinction, the MOVO could be right for you. If not, click here. 


If you get it, let’s get to it! 

Sunset off my deck

What You'll Encounter In The MOVO

What Matters, What Works & What Lasts

So you know, I’m in my middle 60’s, I have a wonderful family, a great business, lots of friends and, I’m eternally secure. Almost no knows me, no one’s paying me or prodding me to do this. 

What’s my why? So I can offer you things that matter, work and last. And as an added bonus; I’ll show you things that don’t matter, won’t work and can’t last and, why!  

What I Want From The MOVO

Mark Allen Schmidt, Creator & Curator 

More From Mark

Some questions and ideas that matter, work and last. I’ll link the post when I get to it. 



  1. What was in this for God?
  2. Are we supposed to know what we’re here to do?
  3. How can I know what pleases you? (God)
  4. How will what we do here, continue there?
  5. Why am I me? (YURU)
  6. How come I can’t do what I used to do for you?
  7. What is my part – what is your part? (God’s)
  8. Why I’m not preoccupied with sin, and most are?
  9. Why are many believers strangers to you and to each other?
  10. Why aren’t long-time believers needed in the current church?
  11. Why are so many believers hurt by church leaders?
  12. If God’s so powerful why is the church so puny?
  13. What I believe about myself.
  14. Who am I supposed to trust with my life and soul?
  15. What it means to be redeemed. 
  16. Is there more for me, or do I simply soldier on?
  17. “I’ve reached the top and had to stop,” is something wrong with me?
  18. What about the 5 gifts and the headship of Christ?


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Thank you Travis for this truth. the ARK Identity Once You Gather, Some Assembly Is Required First, The Gathering. Once a month, on Sunday after service lets out, we’ll gather for lunch at a Church Facility. Those who gather can make a contribution/cover charge

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The leaders-leader sat back in his chair and looked across at the believer. “In all my years I’ve only been asked that question, to my face, by a few people. And every time I’ve drawn a blank. I don’t know how to answer for God, that’s something you need to ask him.”

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Random Acts Of Copy

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Solve For What And You’ll Know Why

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