the MOVO

Mark Allen Schmidt

About The MOVO:

In 2019 I turned 60, and decided it was about time to go public with my thoughts, ideas and experiences. After some spectacular near-misses, the asteroid struck and when the dust settled, the Motivotional blog idea was the lone survivor. 

About Me:

As my picture states, I have a family, a faith, some talent and lots of insights. I am also a business owner and a man who has many, meaningful relationships. My life is full and rich but I’m nowhere near finished. Like many of you, I know there is more for me in life. And fortunately for us all, I can help you define and then find what “more” there is for you.  

What Matters To Me Is You: 

My reason for sharing the MOVO is simple, I care about you and the meaning of your life. I believe you are here to offer something only you can do, and something your world needs from you. If you are interested in learning what more means. The MOVO is my gift to you. 

Thanks, and I’ll CYA inside.  Mark


Some Photos Of Me Through The Decades