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The Ekklesia Story - "How God Answered Me."

Some things you need to hear and decide for yourself.

This is one of “those things.”

The Ekklesia Story is an account of a several conversations I had with God at my home. That experience changed the way I look at Grown-up Believers, the Church, The Kingdom, and at what God wants from me. 

The recordings (Pt. 1&2) are accurate accounts of what I remember and what I wrote down. The Ekklesia Story is the basis of my “Confessions of a Grown-Up Believer.”  

I have provided an outline of the highlights so you can easily access the  different bits that are relevant to you. 

Mark Allen Schmidt 8/2020

The Ekklesia Story Outline: Part 1

-3/07 I had been working on Prime Purpose (INDIVIDULARITY) when I realized why I was doing what I was made to do.  1.06 min.

-I was the seed that died. Trans-axiom: My Prime is Ekklesia.  2:57 min.

-“I couldn’t give that money into the Kingdom.” 4:23 min.

-We need to be in the place, and the configuration where we can be used.  If not, God would do it without us. 4:49 min.

-“Mark, I want to speak to you, and through you.” 5:30 min.

-“You asked me a question…I got an idea, you want to hear it?” My question. How come so many Grown-Up believers can’t figure out how to offer their gifts? Why can’t they figure out what hill to die on?  6:11 min.


-“You remember your education…there is more than one way to do Church.” 7:42 min.

-“People get cast out of the nest so they can fly, but they can’t go back and be a baby chic again.” 8:45 min.

-“Why not grow from the top down?” “You want to know what I mean by that?” 9:05 min.

-“Need a new configuration, a new wine skin. Can’t put this wine in old skins. Can’t patch the old skin to hold them.” Bottom-up Church is a wine skin. 9:40 min.

-“When people grow up they need to know how to use all they have. 9:58 min.

-“Here’s what that new wine skin will be like.” (Gather to Worship – Network -Release) people at the top of their games. 10:40 min.

-A huge diversity, beauty. 11:29 min.

-People need to connect with people who can understand them. This is the body connected. “You’ll meet a guy who’ll  know another guy…” 12:03 min.

-Our job is to see how we are connected. Unique gifts recognize and release unique gifts. 12:30 min. (recognize – refine – release)

-Kingdom is where God’s eternal business is done according to his eternal plan. 12:19 min.

 -In the body the Lord has placed everything needed. We need to understand and configure how to recognize, refine and release. 12:36 min.

-Bottom-up Church contains. Grown-Up Church gathers to be properly scattered. 14:00 min.

-Who are these people who will release them? Eph. 4th chapter.  14:24 min. 

-Broke the bondage of not being able to do what God meant us to do. 14:24 min.

-Gave gifts to the church to equip the work of ministry. 15:04 min.

-Every gathering has the 5-pronged/fold gifts. Those gifts are embedded. 15:30 min. 

-Ekklesia is a way grown-up believers can meets others who have the gifts and abilities to back their move. 15:52 min.

-“You want to know what it looks like? “I own the Pepsi center. Resources are not the issue, receiving is the issue.” 16:28 min.  

-“Once a month you’ll gather…” 17:56 min.

-Why is it when you come together one has a song, a word… 17:25 min.

-Specific example. “Works like this…”You have 50 people with the gift of giving. Between 5-50 million.”  17:58 min.

-The people who have the gift of accruing money also have responsibility of distributing/endowing it into the Kingdom.” 18:46 min.

-That’s the outline of Ekklesia.  20:11 min.

-Pastors are not meant to do all the work of ministry. 20:36 min.

-Bottom-up format; a few people doing all the work. 20:55 min.

-Comes a time when people don’t need to receive, they need to give…the active group. The Ekklesia, the called out ones. 21:05 min.







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