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You Might Be A Grown-Up Believer If:

You’re grateful for everything God’s done for you – Now you need to know what He wants to do with you.

You’ve looked at the available options and none of them fit you.

Non Grown-Up believers don’t understand your problem.

You want to love God personally, love people individually and attempt to love yourself honestly.

You want to see the world from God’s perspective, not tell the world about God from your perspective. 

You’ve outgrown your answers and you have better questions.

You believe you’re here to do something good only you can do.


"blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness,
because it is they who will be filled."

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Why I’m Creating The MOVO

The most stifling thing possible is to know there is more for you, to feel the pull of something wonderfully new, to finally admit you’ve only touched the edge of the truth, and then to step back and simply make do.

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Maybe A Cog – Might Be A Sprocket

You are not in control of time, or of how fast your inner clock is ticking. But you are in control of how you align your inner clock with your outer world, in real-time. That which makes you tick is also that which makes your world go round. Undefined lives are like ticking time bombs that only detonate when it’s too late.

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Mark, Go Find The Kingdom

In the words of Chief James, “the repercussions could be devastating!” And those repercussions have been reverberating throughout every part of my life for the last 12+ years.

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